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Calvary Chapel North is a non-denominational church located in the northern part of St. Petersburg Russia, hence “North”. We place a special focus on the expository teaching of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

For more information about Calvary Chapel please visit the main site: http://calvarychapel.com


Местная христианская религиозная организация Евангельских христиан “Часовня на Голгофе, Санкт-Петербург”, зарегистрированной в ЕГРЮЛ 11.02.2003 с ОГРН 1037858027240

12 thoughts on “About

    1. Hey Calvin,
      How are you doing? Are you still in LA somewhere? What’s going on in your life?
      Last time you wrote me things weren’t going any good. Are you still following the Lord?

      In Him,

  1. Can you please pray for my 20 year old son David.  Specifically for:
    1. His drug addiction.   

    2. Urgent!! For the Lord to remove “Mario” from my son’s life.  He is the one who gives my son the drugs.

    3. For the Lord to protect my son and our family from any harms way.
    That we are covered by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    David is really trying to change his life and not hanging out with any old friends, 
    but this one man Mario is still a problem.
    Thank you very much.

    Christine (a mom from CA)

    I have found My servant David;
With My holy oil I have anointed him,
With whom My hand shall be established;
Also My arm shall strengthen him.
The enemy shall not outwit him,
Nor the son of wickedness afflict him.
I will beat down his foes before his face,
    And plague those who hate him.  
    Psalm 89:20-23

  2. Hi, i’ve been going through a whole lot of trials and a very rough season in my life for a prolonged period now and im reaching out prayer because i know only prayer will bring me through what i’ve been going through for the longest now. Could you keep me in your prayer’s and place my prayerneed on the churches prayerlist for a little. Me and my family really need bigtime prayer, I’ve been battling so much. My prayerneed is for God to fulfill his perfect will that he has for my life in and through my life and for his divine protection, please also pray that God’s holy angels will encamp around me and my family to protect us from evil. As mentioned i’ve been going through a very dark trying time for a while now and I’m trusting God for his complete protection. So please keep me in prayer for a little while if that’s okay. Thanks so very much, God bless

  3. Hello Pastor!
    Mi name is Jose Santacruz ,Im from Mexicali Mexico
    And I been pryaing for your country for abaut 3 years ago
    My desire is to visit your country some day in the near future .
    I have a strong desire for to share the word of God with your people.
    Please pray for me!!
    Im a member of Calvary Chapel Mexicali.
    God bless you so much , bye!

    1. Hi Jose,
      Thank you for writing. The Lord willing, He’ll open the door for you to visit Russia.
      It’s interesting that God puts Russia on your heart!
      I’ll pray for you Jose!
      Many blessings in Mexicali.

  4. Hello Bart: It’s been a while since we last met at the Pastor’s Conference held at CC Golden Springs. I pray that you and your family are doing well. How are things there in No. St. Petersburg? God bless you. David Bustamante. CC Chino Valley.

    1. Hi David, It’s good to hear from you!!! We are all doing good. Longing for spring to finally kick in.
      This morning we still had some snow… The church is ok. With the 2 other Calvaries in town we’re working on another
      Pastor’s conference (May 09-12). Please, say hi to Tina from my wife and me. Blessings, Bart

  5. Hi Bart,
    Our friend Dave Gordon, I don’t know if you knew or remember him from years ago, but he’s now in Thiland, referred me to your church. Here’s the reason I’m contacting you, several of our friends from Calvary Chapel North Park (San Diego, CA with Mike MacIntosh early 80’s-90’s ) are going to be in St. Petersburg for two days in Sept. 2020. We were wondering if someone would like earn some money by giving us a tour of St. Petersburg. We’d love the Christian fellowship and would prefer to give money to a fellowship instead of a tourist organisation. However, we’ll go with your advice. Thank you and Maranatha.

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      The name Dave Gordon sounds familiar, but I honestly don’t remember his face… Yes, I think I or someone from church can probably help with that. Did I understood you correctly, that the ‘team’ will organise a hotel etc. themselves, they would just like someone to show them around and get tickets to museums and the like?

      You can contact me directly on my e-mail:

      Or phone (+ 7 911 993 76 35) (I’m not on Facebook though)


  6. Aloha Calvary Chapel St Petersburg. My name is Joseph, from Calvary Chapel of Richmond in the US. I heard about the Calvary Chapels churches there in Russia, Would love to come on a mission trip soon Lord’s willing. Will be praying for the ministry there.

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