Just Learn to Worship Jake

That was the name of the book I used to prepare for our recent church retreat. It wasn’t the only one I read (besides the Bible), but that one just stuck out thanks to it’s depth and great study questions.

Not many people signed up and there were at least as many children as adults. I’m glad we had decided beforehand that their would be no child care and that our kids would study the life of Jacob with us. That turned out to be a good decision. The kids did great!

The more I study the life of Jacob, the more like the fact that it has great depth to it. It’s the real deal, a life with lot’s of problems, ups and downs. God shows us he had a plan even before Jacob was born, and even though Jacob is a schemer and oftentimes has an “unchristian” approach to life, God blesses him just as planned.

Terry Young, the author summarises it well: “Jacob was overshadowed by his grandfather, Abraham, and eclipsed by his son Joseph. And yet Jacob’s story stretches over half the book of Genesis, enabling us to understand him as a real person. From Jacob’s perspective we can look at the struggle for success, the pressure of work, the stress of the family, risk, and uncertainty. This may seem a far cry from the blessing he was promised, but this book encourages us to follow Jacob through the wreckage of his relationships until he has to stop running. And when he stops running, he starts to find time for worship.

Would to God we’d also learn that lesson early on in life!


Closest town to the Polar circle – Salekhard

Please, pray for our upcoming missions trip to Salekhard. A team from about 10 people from Calvary Chapel Vladimir and St. Petersburg will travel about 2400 miles to help out David and Deborah Markey. God gave them the desire to move to Northern Siberia to reach out to the unreached Nanet people group. We hope and pray that our little team will be a blessing to them.

From St. Petersburg we’ll take the train to Moscow and from there we’ll get on a plane to Salekhard.

Dates of the trip: March 30 – April 6.

For more information on David and Deborah, please check out this link:

New Prayer Requests from Yamal, Siberia

Chuck Smith MOVED

Chuck Smith MOVED

Pastor Chuck Smith has gone home to be with the Lord! What a great example he has been all these years in faithfully teaching God’s Word, verse by verse, chapter by chapter. His love for Jesus and people, his servant’s heart and his passion for the lost have touched thousands of people.

Day of fasting and Prayer on September 26th


Dear church family and friends,

Let us join in prayer and fasting for Saeed Abedini and for all other persecuted Christians globally. 

Nagmeh Abedini, the wife of imprisoned Iranian pastor Saeed, organizes a prayer vigil on that day, and I think it’s an excellent opportunity for our church to join in prayer for the persecuted church that day. More information on Saeed and the vigil:

September 26th marks 1 year since Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in Iran because of his Christian faith. Gather with us as we pray in unity for the release and justice on behalf of Pastor Saeed. There will be prayer gatherings around the world on this day. Join in in person or in spirit.

Please pass this along and invite as many people as possible. Even if you cannot come in person, please be praying around this time and spread the word. Big things happen when we come together and pray!