Unfortunately we had to close the church.

Please visit Calvary Chapel “Central” or “South”





Местная христианская религиозная организация Евангельских христиан “Часовня на Голгофе, Санкт-Петербург”, зарегистрированной в ЕГРЮЛ 11.02.2003 с ОГРН 1037858027240

16 thoughts on “Location

  1. Hello! We are visiting St. Petersburg in July 2013 in conjunction with a Microsoft event. We would love to attend a church service while there. We are members of Pastor Wayne Taylor’s Calvary Fellowship in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

  2. Hi,
    I am from Germany and i will be in St. Petersburg on sunday the 12. Of November, is there a sermon on that date?

    Kind regards and god bless


  3. Hi! I’m a Winter School student from America (Alabama) and would love to visit while I’m in Saint Petersburg! Sunday services are at 4 PM? Or 10:30 AM? I’m a bit confused by this page. I only speak English fluently, but I’m still interested if it’s an all-Russian service. Also, if there are any other events throughout the week-or just the opportunity to fellowship with some believers over cofffee, I’d love to do so 🙂 I only have 2 weeks left here so I look forward to a reply. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Natalie,
      Services are now at 16.00. The service is all-Russian. There’s a bell at the door (intercom) where you need to dial “20” and the someone will open for you.

      We have prayer meeting at our apartment on Tuesday evening (20.00) and Bible Study on Friday @ 19.00. If you’re interested, pleasе, contact me at: b.d.craene@gmail.com.
      Blessings, Bart

  4. Hello, I am visiting the city today and tomorrow, is there anything going on with the church? I would love to attend. Thank you. Neli

    1. Hi Neli,
      We Rent a building and services are only on Sundays at 10am. They are in Russian and there is no translation.
      The Friday evening Bible studies only start up again as from September.


      On Sundays there is also Calvary “Central”: they do have translation into English. Service starts at 11am (at St Michael’s Cathedral on the Vasiliy Island).

  5. Hi! We’ve just moved to SPB. Can you share more info about Calvary Chapel? Are services in English? Many thanks, Mark

    1. Hi Mark. Welcome to St. Pete. There are 3 Calvaries in town, and only one has an English translation (from the stage).

      Please, send me an email address, and I’ll forward you more information.

      1. Hi Bart, I won’t share my email on this forum. However, you should have it through this platform that I have entered in. If not, can you share me yours and I’ll contact you immediately.

      2. Hi again, Mark!

        Historically, our churches received names according to their place on the map: Calvary North, Central and South.

        Over the years, we’ve all moved several times, but the names remained.

        Calvary North – that’s where I pastor. 

        I’m Belgian but teach in Russian and we don’t provide translation.

        Our fellowship is small (about 30 – 40 people)

        We meet on Sundays at 10.00 am. 

        Calvary Central – Pastor Boris Kozyrev


        It’s the most international church of the three, and they have lots of missionaries and / or people who like listening to the English translation. 

        There page on VK (the local FB site) https://vk.com/chasovna

        They meet at METRO Vasilyostrovskaya, Sredni prospekt 18, in the Lutheran Cathedral “Saint Michael”

        Sundays at 19.00

        Normally they also have O.T. studies on Wednesday evenings, but due to Covid, they are only online for the moment.

        Calvary South – Pastor Dmitry Tribelsky


        They don’t offer translation from the stage. 

        For now they only have home groups (due to Covid)


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